Bed Bug Control UAE


Scope of work:

  • Effective treatment for bed bug which are safe for the tenants, residents or employees.
  • Customized service for commercial areas, flats, labour camp, hotels etc with biyearly or yearly contract.


Bed bugs are nocturnal insects and known for their activities during night time. Usually they are attracted to the warmth of the human bodies and Carbon dioxide. The infestation of bed bug is very high in the unhygienic facilities and transmitted through luggage’s, old furniture’s, travelling, books etc, Even though they do not carry any diseases, but create an irritation in some of the people which results in loss of sleep. They usually damage bed, mattress, furniture and curtains.

Bed Bug Control Services

Method of treatment:

Bed bugs are very hard to detect as they are tiny usually having the size of apple seeds. They hide in cracks and crevices, baseboards, seams of the furniture’s, frames, electric outlets, curtains so on. Usually the UPCS team will identify the level of infestation by inspecting the black marks, excreta. We look for dried blood stains on bedding and fabric items by using lens to help identify a bed bug infestation. For a quick relief, from Bed bugs, we use the best pesticide that is registered and approved by government to control the Bed Bug.

Follow up visit:

A follow up visit will be carried out after two weeks of the treatment to ensure the treatment is effective, and if infestation exists another treatment will be carryout to ensure that all pests are died.


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