Cockroach Pest Control Dubai


Cockroaches: Cockroaches includes, American Cockroaches, German Cockroaches, Brown Banded cockroaches, Oriental Cockroaches

Scope of work:Treatment for crawling insects. The treatment may be one time or annual contract. Effective treatment for pest control which are safe for the tenants, residents or employees in agreed area

Purpose: A cockroach poses a major threat by transmitting some of the diseases. They carry pathogens and parasitic worms. When they crawl through sewage and decaying matters some of the microbes and worms will stick on to their Antennae, legs or wings and carry these pathogens into the food and cause contamination.

Cockroache Control Services

Method of treatment:

The control of Cockroaches is very difficult as they breed rapidly. Based on the understanding of the extent of damage that cockroaches can cause, The UPCS will use the IPM method to manage them from gross root level. Our technician will assess the situation and use the combination of method that includes gel baiting, Spray or trapping to control the roaches.After receiving the enquiry our team will visits to the each targeted premises (residential or commercial) to know the infestation intensity. Based on that, the specific procedure and package is designed. The plan of treatment will have the specifications like whether its gel bait, spray or trap. This is helping us to reduce the usage of harmful pesticides. By following these practices, we ensure that our clients has no complaints and if there is any complains we respond to them in 24 hours and rectify it in fastest manner.

Follow up visit:

A follow up visit will be carried out after two weeks of the treatment to ensure the treatment is effective, and if infestation exists another treatment will be carryout to ensure that all pests are died.


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