Flies Pest Control Dubai


Flying insects: This includes, House fly, Fruit fly, Phorid fly, horse fly

Scope of work:

  • Effective one-time treatment for pest control which are safe for the tenants, residents or employees.
  • Customized service for commercial areas with bi-yearly or yearly contract.


Flies are the vector for some of the disease-causing pathogens and parasites. Trash cans, rotten fruits and spoiled foods decaying matters, clogged drains, and open food are the main sources of contamination and breeding place for flies. They carry the pathogens and transfer them to kitchen appliances or sometimes directly into food.

Flies Control Services

Method of treatment:

It is highly important to eliminate the potential breeding sites of the flies. So our technical team having the expertise in fly’s biology will take an inspection in your facilities and develop a control measures. Along with these control measures, they will suggest the hygiene and sanitary measures to be followed to control flies. Treatment Method taken up by us for flies are Pesticidal Spray, Granules, and Sticky Traps.

Follow up visit:

A follow up visit will be carried out after two weeks of the treatment to ensure the treatment is effective, and if infestation exists another treatment will be carryout to ensure that all pests are died

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