The chemical risk assessment training is a workshop. This course is designed to the risk assessors to assess risk of food safety by ranking risk on how serve they are . It is based on current science; allow the assessors to assess of the significance of any given risk and use common sense approach and identify problem, determine the product safety is affected, identify concern or hazard, evaluate the problem outcomes, determine the sensitive population likely to be affected ,assess what controls are currently in place to deal with hazard or concern. The participants will be to assess the risk based on current control place values to chances of something harmful and deciding whether the risk is remote, low ,major or critical. MRS Consultants – Food Safety Department Approval & Food Safety Risk Assessment Training


To ensure the risk assessors are capable of using the latest developments in risk assessment techniques and scientific studies related to food safety, and how to measure the individual’s exposure to the risk of chemical contaminants.  Also to ensure participants are competitive to collect data on food safety by using the latest developments in food safety risk assessment.

Who can attend

A small group of senior staff and those who are Risk Assessors in the industry and governmental body, Regulatory authority those involved in food safety risk assessment, trainers providing risk assessment training. food safety department approval.


35 Hours

food safety department approval

Training Approach

  • The Risk Assessment training is a work shop with computer based Power Point presentation with set in videos and exercises.
  • It is 5 days training with 35 hours duration; which includes two coffee breaks (5 minutes), a lunch break (30 minutes) in each day.
  • The maximum number of attendees should not exceed 15 nos. in each session.
  • Candidates must have a valid id card

Training Tools

  • Laptop
  • Projector
  • White Screen
  • Flip Charts
  • Training handout
  • Class Room Exercise
  • Case studies
  • Medium: English/Arabic

Course Curriculum

  • DAY 1- Introduction to course
  • DAY 2- Hazard Identification             
  • DAY 3- Hazard Characterisation
  • DAY 4- Genotoxicity and carcinogenicity
  • DAY 5- Risk Characterisation

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