To ensure managers in any part of the food and drink manufacturing sector will have necessary aspects of food hygiene and safety in depth, providing candidates with a thorough knowledge. This qualification is designed for those who are intended to be managers in part of food and drinks manufacturing area. It covers all necessary aspects of food hygiene and providing candidates with food safety knowledge in-depth and providing candidates with thorough knowledge. It concentrates on the need for programmes and procedures to be properly drawn up, introduced and monitored to ensure full compliance with legislation.

Who can attend

Food safety team leader of a small group of senior staffs and those who are Quality control Managers, Hygiene Officers/managers, in food manufacturing companies. Duration of the course is 6 hours and the medium is English.


Duration : 6 hours

Medium : English

Evaluation and certification

The answer sheet will be handed over to the technical department for evaluation and those people who obtain minimum 60% score will get the certificate attested from Dubai Municipality.

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