HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) is a reliable, effective and proactive Food Safety Management System. HACCP ensures the safe production of food by analyzing all types of food hazards including – Microbial, Physical, Chemical and Allergenic hazards and establish control parameters for identified hazards.

HACCP is one of the most globally recognized Science-based Food Safety program and quality systems are still a relatively new concept to most establishments; it is with this understanding that MRS starts its HACCP program by giving your establishment’s staff the proper training, out of which the HACCP team will be selected based on required qualifications.

HACCP plans are based on seven criteria:

  •  Assess all hazards.
  •  Find all points where food safety is at risk (critical control points).
  •  Set critical limits for each critical control point (CCP).
  •  Develop procedures to monitor each CCP.
  •  Determine corrective actions.
  •  Implement a record-keeping system, and
  •  Establish verification procedures.

Under the HACCP program, businesses have to monitor points in their processing system that have the potential of leading to a food safety hazard and take corrective actions when they suspect that a critical level at one of these points has been breached.

M.R.S has extensive experience and expertise in the food industry, including HACCP audit programs. Our auditor is ASQ (American Society of Quality) certified auditor and specialized in HACCP from University of Salford United Kingdom (The International Center for HACCP) have in-depth knowledge and awareness.

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