Snake Control In Dubai


Scope of work:

  • Effective one time treatment for pest control which are safe for the tenants, residents or employees.
  • Customized service for commercial areas with biyearly or yearly contract.


Some of the snakes are venomous while some of them are not. We find the snakes in and around the building and offices.

snake control

Method of treatment:

It is very difficult to see the live snake as most of the species will prefer to hide. Some of them are active only during the night time. So the best way to say whether the snake is around or not is by seeing the skins they have shed. Snake repellent can be applied in and around the building. Rodenticide can be applied inside the furrows.

Follow up visit:

A follow up visit will be carried out after two weeks of the treatment to ensure the treatment is effective, and if infestation exists another treatment will be carryout to ensure that all pests are died.

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