About US

About US

M.R.S INTERNATIONAL FOOD CONSULTANTS is an establishment for HACCP certification in Dubai. Our head office is in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We also have branch offices in Abu Dhabi , Sharjah, India and Malaysia. We launched our business in the year 2005 with an ambitious vision and focus on Training and Consultancy in Food Safety Management System(FSMS). We are operated by qualified and competent professionals with dedication and commitment to achieve its vision. We are ensuring our dedicated serving to the valuable customers in the Middle East, and other parts of the world. We ensure to keep abreast of the changes happening in the Food Safety scenario and registered with International awarding bodies RSPH, HABC, CIEH and TSI – UK. We do pest control services In Abu Dhabi to our valued customers in the Abu Dhabi Emirates only.

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Striving to be the best Food Safety Training & HACCP, ISO Consulting Company in the Middle East region, India and Malaysia. To serve the highest quality education and provide innovative consulting services. To be admired by our customers and accountable by our clients. Our motto is “To achieve success in service beyond efficacy”.

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Our vision is to be the knowledge manager and champion of the Food safety Training and Education.

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The professionally qualified team designs the Food Safety Training Courses and HACCP Implementation procedures and documentation. Practical approach, professionalism, Food Industry experience and knowledge are our real resources / assets which includes former food safety enforcement officials and industry experts.

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 Our Brand

The M R S is a multi-faceted organization, incorporating policy, education and Professional standards,
training and education activities, supported by central services including communications, finance,and administration.

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As a professional, training and consultancy company body at the forefront food safety, the MRS needs to be visible in all our fields of operation. We need the work we do to be noticed and recognized.

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Our Values

The M R S has four core values. We aim, in everything we do, to be:

  • Visible
  • Decisive
  • Relevant
  • Responsive

identifywhat our customers, including Trainees, employers and government want and expect from the M R S. We must be, and be seen to be:
Visible – where and when it counts, as a professional,food safety training at the forefront of environmental and public health.
Decisive – so we mean what we say and do what we say we are going to do, acting on hard evidence and sound market knowledge.
Relevant – to our other customers.
Responsive – to the changing and developing needs and expectations of all our Customers.
These values underpin the M R S brand and drive our delivery in all our activities, from setting professional standards, to providing services, to our customers.

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