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To impart adequate knowledge in safe handling food to achieve the most relevant good hygiene practices pertaining to the basics of food safety and good hygiene practices in food distribution businesses in the Dubai Emirates.

Who can attend

All food handlers engaged in food handling in the food business and food service industries like restaurants, cafes, catering, hotels, foodstuff trading, foodstuff warehouses, groceries, coffee shops, supermarket without catering etc.  in line with the requirements of the Dubai Food Control Authority.

EFST Training In Dubai

Training Approach

  • The Essential Food Safety Training (EFST) is a food handlers program developed by Dubai Food Control Authority (ADFCA).
  • The Essential Food Safety Training for staff (basic food hygiene training) is a computer-based PowerPoint presentation.
  • It takes six hours duration; which includes one coffee break (5 minutes), a lunch break (30 minutes) and the maximum number of attendees should not exceed 15 nos. in each session.
  • End of the session, the course booklets are distributed to all attendees and as per ADFCA regulation, only one language is allowed in one session.
  • This course includes the following four essential safe handling, how to avoid cross contamination, how to cook, how to clean effectively and how to chill food safely.

Training Tools

  • Laptop
  • Projector
  • White Screen
  • Flip Charts
  • Training handout & Exercises
  • Classroom discussion
  • Question paper
  • Medium: English, Hindi, Malayalam

Duration: 6 Hours

Evaluation and certification

  1. Evaluation and certification will be done by the third party certification body.

Course Curriculum

  • The Importance of Food Safety
  • Food Safety Hazards
  • Sources of Bacteria
  • Hand washing & Personal Hygiene
  • Protective Clothing
  • Pest Control & Cross Contamination
  • Using Cloths
  • Cold and Frozen Storage
  • Cleaning and Disinfection
  • Low and High Risk Cleaning
  • The Danger Zone
  • Cooking Liquid Dishes
  • Cooking Poultry & Cooking Red Meat
  • Cooking Mixed Items
  • Hot-holding and Re-heating
  • Chilling Hot Foods and Defrosting

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