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Salon Trainings In - Basic Course


This training provides basic knowledge to the employees working in Salons, Spa, and Beauty Centre in a healthy and safe manner in order to help the community to maintain its health and limit the transmission of contagious diseases to clients and workers.

Who can attend

Staffs working in Hair cutting & dressing, Cosmetic & Personal Care, Kids Hairdressing, Hair Fixing Center, Tanning Center, Henna Salon, Oriental Bath, Beauty Centre.

Salon Trainings In Sharjah

Objectives of the Training is the employees working in the above business will able to :

  • To Demonstrate commitment to good cleaning & sterilization practice.
  • To Maintain good personal hygiene and infection control
  • To Maintain building and an effective pest control system.
  • To Maintain satisfactory waste control system.
  • To Maintain an effective cleaning & sanitizing program
  • To Maintain Satisfactory storage program
  • To Maintain Satisfactory Safety Program
  • To Maintain satisfactory consumer product safety program
  • To identify the effective system for the validity of the use cosmetic device. Aware about legislative requirements and technical guidelines of Dubai as well as other requirements related to their work.
  • Explain the approved sterilization mechanism according to the activity for tools used for the various activities carried out by establishments.
  • Identify shortcomings or deficits in the establishments management system
  • Clarify the tasks assigned to each employee within the establishments and tasks of the management so that everyone knows his/her role in maintaining the functioning of the processes in the organisation the right way.

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