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To ensure the audit team is competent to carry out effective internal audit within the organization. Each auditor will complete the practice audit and develop the skills and confidence they need to ensure your program is the best it can be.

Internal audit is an important piece of implementation of food safety management system in the food business. The effective internal audit ensures that the business operating in an effective food safety management system, continuous improvement in food safety and quality. It is vital the internal auditors will be trained to perform an effective internal audit.

Who can attend

This qualification is aimed at supervisors, team leaders, chefs, QA staffs and managers working in a variety of industries where verification, auditing (including internal auditing and supplier auditing) or inspection is undertaken.

Internal Auditor Training

Training Approach

  • The Internal Audits Training for staff is a computer-based PowerPoint presentation.
  • The duration for this qualification is 9 hours, and of this, 7 are recommended as guided learning hours.
  • In nine hours duration; which includes one coffee break (5 minutes), a lunch break (30 minutes) and the maximum number of attendees should not exceed 15 nos. in each session.
  • End of the session, the course booklets are distributed to all attendees.
  • Topics covered including purpose of audit , role of auditor, how to methodically approach the planning of the audit , how collect and analysis the data and purpose and content of audit report.

Training Tools

  • Laptop
  • Projector
  • White Screen
  • Flip Charts
  • Training handout & Exercises
  • Classroom discussion
  • Question paper

Duration: 9 Hours
Medium: English, Hindi, Malayalam

Evaluation and certification

  1. The answer sheet will be handed over to the HABC awarding body for evaluation and those people who obtain minimum 60% score will get the certificate attested from Dubai Municipality or from international awarding body.

Course Curriculum

  • The purpose of audit
  • The role of auditor
  • How to methodically approach the planning of the audit
  • How collect and analysis the data
  • The purpose of audit report
  • The content of audit report.

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